Bean There Barista


“Bean there Barista” was created as part of a Game Jam during a university project week. In the course of this game jam with the theme “Antihero”, we worked in a group of 5 people (2 programmers, 3 artists) over a period of 3 days on this project. Personally it was the first Game Jam I ever participated in and the first time to work with four other people, since I mostly¬† worked in a team of two people. Our goal for this project was to create a rather well-rounded, good looking project with a pretty simple mechanic, that is fun to explore.


The game is about the anti-hero Cepheus, who tries his best to order a coffee even though he suffers from social anxiety. The player needs to press the first letter of each word in a sentence at the right moment in order to not mess up what Cepheus will be saying.

My Contribution

Since we were working on this project with two coders, I was responsible for the programming of the Quicktime Events, on which the player’s progress in the game is based on. The Quicktime Events consist of a mechanic, which is pretty similar to the one that can be also be found in rhythm games. In our case the player has to press the right letter at the right time in order to master the sequence and to generate a positive or negative outcome of the game.