Bloody Nightmare


Personally `Bloody Nightmare´was the first 2D Platformer and game I created so far, since it was developed as part of a performance requirement for the Coding Class in the second and later on third semester. We were working on the game in a team of two people over the duration of 2 weeks. Due to the short development time and the strong focus on the programming side of the project we tried to keep the game pretty simple and short and therefore rather focussed on the mechanics of the game instead of placing a focus on implementing the art and a backstory. 

Our task was to develop a 2D Jump ‘n’ Run Game including a main menu, pause menu, some sort of highscore, all necessary features for this type of game, power-ups and a minimum of three levels.

Furthermore this project was used as a base for building an Event System for the Coding Class in the third semester, for which we rewrote parts of code. 



The game turned out to be a 2D tile based Fly and Run Platformer about a little vampire girl having a nightmare, in which she is trying to dodge the evil garlic and finds comfort in collecting blood.

The player is playing the vampire girl and tries to satisfy her thirst for blood by collecting blood drops. On her way to find as many blood drops as possible the player is fighting against garlic patrol enemies, garlic turrets and tries to avoid spikes. 


My Contribution

While my teammate was responsible for creating the art and parts of the level design, I took over the programming and Unity implementation part of the project. This mainly included the creation of the animations and the setting up of Unity’s tilemap system, as well as the coding of the needed machanics for the player (walking, flying, attacking), the three different enemy types and the necessary components for the highscore (timer, counter, etc.).

Later on in the third semester each of the three team members rewrote parts of the code into a Event System and used it specifically to replace and avoid references .