One Game A Week


One Game A Week was a class in the fourth semester of my studies in which we created a new game for a specific theme every week. Over the duration of this course I created eight different games either on my own or in a team of two.

In most of the projects I took over the programming because I saw the chance to get an insight into many different types of games and their mechanics in a pretty short amount of time and hoped that I therefore would be able to expand my skillset with some basic skills quickly. On top of that I wanted to find out what kind of games I enjoy working on.

Top 3 Games

"Galaxy Jump"

“Galaxy Jump” was created together with another team member for the “Jump” theme and turned out to be a First Person 3D Space Platformer with several different levels, in which the player has to jump via Jump Pads from platform to platform without falling down.
As well as in the other projects I took over the coding and Unity Implementation / Engine work, while my team mate was responsible for the art assets. This included the creation of a First Person Character Controller, code for the Start- and Pause Menu and the implementation of a Highscore. My personal goal for this game was to make the movement feel as smooth and dynamic as possible and to create an all in all well-rounded project.

"Samaras' Offspring"

“Samaras’ Offspring”, the project for the “Gift A Game” theme, was developed together with a 3D Artist in my class.  In the game the player must help Samara to give birth to her offspring, while surviving the birth by completing various tasks.
These tasks consist of several different mechanics, which represent different aspects of the birth.  For example, a timer that counts down, a threshold that has to be kept within in a certain range to prevent the health from going down and the passing of calming items to increase the tolerance of the threshold.
To me “Samaras’ Offspring” was one of the most challenging games I creating over the duration of this course, since I had to code a lot of different mechanics from scratch in that short amount of time. 

Shape Stack

This project was submitted for the “Physics” theme and is a 3D-Puzzle  game. The game contains several levels in which the player has to build a tower, which is high enough, by stacking up blocks of different shapes. The level of difficulty increases the further the player progresses.

In terms of code, I worked with dragging and dropping 3D objects for the first time,
which didn’t work to my full satisfaction, but was still instructive. Therefore, as I continue to work on the project, I would try to make the physics more realistic and thereby create an environment that feels more responsive for the player.