“Pocketspace” was created together with another fellow student as an assignment for the programming course in the fourth semester. The task required to create a feature for a potential game and to use at  least two of the unity packages we covered in the course to do so. We decided to use Unity’s Input System, “ShaderGraph” and “ProBuilder” to create blockouts and the shaders to give the game a celestial feeling.


Our final submission turned out to be a sample for a small space environment exploration game called “Pocketspace”. The concept is inspired by the typical Walking Simulator Genre, so the player is meant to simply relax and enjoy the vastness and calmness of space, with pretty visuals to discover along the way. Other features might include discovering alien life forms (Plants, animals, etc.) or visiting the different planets and exploring the landscape.

My Contribution

My main task for this project was to create the shaders we wanted to implement in the game, which were mainly meant to be for the planets, but also functioned as a Skybox. Besides that I worked on the main flying animation, which should give a sneak peak into what the finished game could possibly look like. Both, me and my teammate, were working on integrating the Input System and the code for the movement.