The Lit Castle


“The Lit Castle” is the project I’m currently working on in a team with 3 other people. The task on which the project is based on is to develop a game based on the theme “Programming Patterns”. The code of the game should implement the StateMachine Pattern for mechanics/systems we see fit.

This project is the first turn-based tactics game I ever programmed, which turned out to be quite of a challenge codingwise. Since the game is still work in progress, there are still some bugs left and some features missing, that we would like to implement.


“The Lit Castle” is a turned-based tactics game in which the player takes the control over four different characters, each one of them with different abilities, to fight and defeat the dragon boss. For this purpose they have a melee, ranged, healer and tank character to choose from. The Dragon, in turn is able to choose between three different random attacks in order to increase the replay value.

My Contribution

For this project I mainly work together with one of my team members on the code of the game. On the one hand, this implies the programming of the players tactics movement from tile to tile and the individual attacks of them and the dragon boss, but also the integration into the StateMachine. Apart from that, I take over some of the visual effects, such as the cloud shader or the shaders for the character attacks.